who understand the concept of the other house generally are able to float and observe in a most invisible way. Being the sort that can take the solitary and create quiet separateness is the other house type.” “Is the deep mind My Other House? Is the pond in the garden of My Other House very deep? There is so much to be said regarding My Other House. It has no real place or location, yet its location and place are very specific. Accomplishment is always linked to satisfaction, one becomes less afraid.”

The exhibition that we see today in the Schoots & Van Duyse Gallery is a continuation of the work My Other House. The installation contains older pieces created for or associated with My Other House. Some of the pieces we see here today in My Other House were created specifically for this exhibition and for this space. My Other House is a way to see, to conceive, to decipher, to relate, to contemplate and to perceive.”

James hd Brown, Patmos, Greece, September 2013

James Brown - What I see view from a window of my other house

20.10.2013 - 7.12.2013

“My Other House represents the freedom and inaccessibility that allows certain people to grow and develop in a very distinctive way. My Other House is a place that is wilfully cut off from daily life, from the world around. People (…)